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Homework: Homework assignments should be copied in the assignment notebook
every day. This is the students' responsibility! If there is no assignment
for a subject that day, the student should write "None" for that day. If the
assignment notebook is blank that does NOT mean there is no homework, it means
that the student did not write the assignment down. Long term assignments will
be posted on this website.

This year we will be studying Ancient Civilization.
We will begin with Early Man and then cover many of the great civilizations.
We will start with Mesopotamia, and then move on to Egypt,
Greece and Rome. This is an exciting curriculum and we will be doing a number
of projects to accompany our study. These assignments will be posted on this
website. All other assignments should be recorded in the students assignment

After school help is available Thursdays. Students are encouraged to stay
after on that day to receive any help they may need.

Students should study the following for Tests.

Social Studies Study Guide:
Study all the Vocabulary
Read over notes that have been given to you.
Study questions that are in your notebook.
Study any Maps related to the topic.
Reread the section in your text book.