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Homework: Homework assignments should be copied in the assignment
notebook every day. This is the students' responsibility! If there is
no assignment for a subject that day, the student should write "None"
for that day. If the assignment notebook is blank that does NOT mean
there is no homework, it means that the student did not write the
assignment down. Long term assignments will be posted on this

We will be working on Grammar and Figurative Language throughout the year.

We will be reading independent reading books throughout this year. These books will be read both in and out of the classroom. It is important that students keep up with this reading so that they can complete assignments.

Writer's Craft

Developing students writing through a variety of writing prompts and essays. We will be focusing on the use of descriptive language and working through the complete writing process.

Analysis of Literature and the study of Literary Devices:

Using the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio as our anchor book, we will be study the different literary devices in literature that are used and students will work on applying these techniques to their own writing.

Drama Unit:
This unit begins mid-November and goes into mid to late-January.
We will be reading one play and discussing the different elements of
drama. We will also include one screen play in this unit.

Poetry Unit:

This unit begins mid to late January and ends around mid April .
We will cover many types of poetry. The students will be reading
poetry from some of the great poets and then writing some of their

Oral Tradition Unit:

This unit begins around mid-April and lasts until the end of school.
This will be integrated with the social studies curriculum. Students
will be reading folk tales from many cultures and then writing some of
their own.

After school help is available on Thursdays. Students are encouraged
to stay after to clarify any doubts they may have.