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Homework: Homework Assignments are posted on the wiki. Students may bring an assignment notebook to class and write down the assignments if they feel the need.

Short Stories
Students will be working on the aspects of a story. Including conflict, theme, and elements of a plot. We will be reading three short stories to teach these elements of literature.

Writer's Craft

Developing students writing through a variety of writing prompts and essays. We will be focusing on the use of descriptive language and working through the complete writing process.

Analysis of Literature and the study of Literary Devices:

We will be doing this through reciprocal teaching. We will be reading a variety of books in the Dystopian and realistic fiction categories.

Drama Unit:
This unit begins mid-November and goes into mid to late-January.
We will be reading one play and discussing the different elements of
drama. We will also include one screen play in this unit.

Poetry Unit:

We will cover many types of poetry. The students will be reading
poetry from some of the great poets and then writing some of their
own. We will be reading a variety of books written in verse.

After school help is available on Thursdays. Students are encouraged
to stay after to clarify any doubts they may have.